The first all-day spot in Voula square, its prime location and the unique design are combined with top-quality service. An ideal meeting point for coffee early in the morning, offering a range of tasty choices for all times of the day, with complete suggestions for breakfast, snacks and delicious dinners. Its beautiful decoration gives the impression of being in a big “house” that is unique and warm, of a vintage aesthetic, while the service -in line with the overall space- is warm, with a friendly attitude.

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A warm space with a lounge aesthetic in the heart of Glyfada, open from early in the morning till late at night for coffee, brunch and selected beverages, but also offers an excellent list of signature cocktails. The food is in a category of its own, with a multi-culti comfort menu that puts an emphasis on brunch and desserts, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of variety.

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Λουτσος βουλα


A modern fish tavern is introduced to us with the name “Loutsos”. Both the outdoor area, in the central square, and the indoor area, emanate the air of some Greek island. The menu brings together the traditional dishes that you love, treated with a touch of imagination, and a variety of new and powerful culinary combinations following the latest seafood trends.

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The concept that redefined the traditional Greek taverna, founded on the consistent preference of Greek consumers for high-quality, perfectly grilled meat and their “familiar” flavors in an environment from another age. There are two branches across Attica (in Pagrati & Kallithea) where you will find out by yourself that service quality and the friendly atmosphere are not a luxury, but our everyday life.

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ESTIA Catering was created by a team of renowned professionals in the fields of gastronomy and event management. The Company specializes in the management & operation of food outlets, canteens-refreshment stands, in event catering, in company supplies and in the preparation of ready food, fresh food & snacks. High quality, tailor-made services provided based on expertise and specialization.

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 Gastrominds is the first company in Greece specializing in the management and consultation of food and beverage businesses. It offers a wide range of specialized services and can serve everyone who wants to start, or improve, a hospitality business, no matter how big or small it is.

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